We provide service for all business entities, including research institutions, as well as commercial and R&D institutions.

We offer:

- Planning and performance of experiments in a range of our cytometric expertise

- Data analysis, visualization and interpretation (FACSDiva, FlowJo, FlowSOM)

- Consultations in experiments planning, designing, data analysis and interpretation

- Trainings and workshops

- cell sorting, including single cell sorting and sorting from demanding tissues

- multicolor/multiparameter flow cytometry & panel designing

- immunophenotyping

- viability and apoptosis

- PrimeFlow - flow cytometry RNA detection

- DNA damage analysis

- cell cycle and proliferation

- aspects of metabolism: mitochondrial membrane potential and mitochondrial mass, ROS production, phosphoflow - signaling pathways, glucose metabolism

- intracellular staining and detection of internal and external membrane proteins

- cytokine detection

- FRET cytometry – protein-protein interactions

- tSNE

For more go to the Flow Cytometry section, where all the applications are described on the "Aplications used" page.

The service is co-financed by the TEAM-TECH Core Facility Plus/2017-2/2 (POIR.04.04.00-00-23C2/17) grant - FLOW-PROSPER