Our goal is to understand mechanisms of resistance and discover potential molecular targets in leukemia to develop and propose novel therapies, with special interest in intercellular interactions and their role within the leukemia microenvironment.

We focus on investigation of the cytoprotective pathways, stress response and DNA repair mechanisms in order to propose and verify novel prospective targets and potential therapeutic treatments, including personalized therapies. A high priority is to understand the intercellular cross-talk between the leukemic and surrounding cells and the role of leukemia microenvironment - bone marrow stroma or immune system cells in development of disease and resistance.

We realize these aims in in vitro and in vivo models by studies at the genomic, proteomic and cellular levels, together with a diverse array of techniques, ranging from biochemical and molecular biology methods to cellular biology, cytometry and microscopy techniques, including confocal, EM, SEM, light sheet, superresolution and spinning disc microscopy to visualize cellular processes and molecules.

Currently we investigate:

· Integrated Stress Response pathways in leukemia

· Non-classical mechanisms of BRCA1/2 deficiencies in leukemia and sensitivity to personalized therapy by PARP inhibitors

· The leukemia-bone marrow stroma interactions

· Direct intercellular connections within leukemia microenvironment by tunneling nanotubes (TNTs)

· Leukemic extracellular vesicles and influence on immunosuppression

· Protein markers for BRCA1/2 deficiency and PARP1 inhibitors in cancer

Recent publications:


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