Current grants include:

2022-2026 National Science Center (NCN) OPUS: "Verification of personalized therapeutic strategy based on Integrated Stress Response inhibition for myeloid neoplasms with PTPN11 mutations" (PI - Katarzyna Piwocka)

2020-2024 National Science Center (NCN) Preludium Bis “Cell adhesion molecules as regulators of tunneling nanotubes (TNTs) formation and protein transfer in leukemia microenvironment; role in therapy resistance” (PI - Katarzyna Piwocka)

2019 - 2022 National Science Center (NCN) HARMONIA 10: „Role of RBPs in the therapy resistance of leukemia cells” (PI - Paulina Podszywałow-Bartnicka)

2019 - 2022 National Science Center (NCN) OPUS 15: „Tunneling nanotubes (TNTs) within the leukemia microenvironment; influence of metabolic remodeling and implications for therapy" (PI - Katarzyna Piwocka)

2019-2022 National Science Center (NCN) PRELUDIUM: "BCR-ABL-containing leukemic extracellular vesicles as a novel, immunosuppressive factor controlling function of regulatory T cells" (PI - Julian Swatler)

2018-2021 Foundation for Polish Science TEAM TECH Core Facility Plus/2017-2/2: "Flow-PROSPER – Flow Cytometry Protein Signature Platform for Personalised Therapies" (PI - Katarzyna Piwocka) - see Flow-PROSPER

2015-2020 –EU Horyzon 2020, Maria Curie COFUND grant Bio4Med: Biology for Medicine International PhD Programme; Project title: "Precision medicine-guided synthetic lethality to eradicate quiescent and proliferating leukemia stem cells: molecular mechanisms and therapeutic appications"


Previous grants:

2018-2019 Leukemia Research Foundation New Investigator grant: "Synthetic lethality in leukemia - effect of PARP1 inhibitors in humanized bone marrow niche" (PI - Paulina Podszywalow-Bartnicka)

2018-2019 National Science Centre (NCN) PRELUDIUM: "Role of the intercellular exchange of vesicles and proteins to modulate biological functions of leukemia cells by the stroma" (PI - Marta Kolba)

2017-2019 National Science Centre (NCN) PRELUDIUM: "Role of FMRP protein in regulation of BRCA1 translation in leukemia cells" (PI - Magdalena Wolczyk)

2016-2018 National Science Centre (NCN) PRELUDIUM: "Phosphorylation of translation initiation factor eIF2alpha as regulator of synthesis of proinflammatory and signaling cytokines in leukemia cells; role in autocrine activation of JAK/STAT pathways and therapy resistance" (PI -Wioleta Dudka-Ruszkowska)

2014-2018 National Science Centre (NCN) SONATA BIS : The influence of PERK-eIF2alpha pathway on the leukemia microenvironment; the role of cell-cell interactions and composition of exosomal miRNAs" (PI - Katarzyna Piwocka)

2015-2018 National Science Centre (NCN) SONATA: "The influence of bone marrow microenvironment on the regulation of BRCA1 mRNA translation in leukemia cells; role in the cells invasiveness and therapy resistance" (PI - Paulina Podszywalow-Bartnicka)

2011-2014 National Science Centre (NCN) OPUS: "Linking stress response with genomic instability in chronic myeloid leukaemia cells; role of the PERK-eIF2α phosphorylation pathway in the regulation of BRCA1 translation, mitosis and disease progression" (PI - Katarzyna Piwocka)

2011-2014 National Science Centre (NCN) PRELUDIUM: The role of the PERK-eIF2a pathway in the survival and cancerogenic potential of Bcr-Abl expressing cells - in vivo studies" (PI - MOnika Kusio-Kobialka)

2011-2014 European Union's the 7th Framework Programme, BIO-IMAGINE grant; Project title: Bio-imaging in research innovation and education. WP5: Instrumentation